Bad Brains

The previous post about Section 13 made me think.  I’ve just played the list of absolutely fantastic cover versions that you can download from their website – [and frankly I demand that you do it] – some real old HC classics. One particularly impressed me – ‘Pay to Cum’ by the legendary Bad Brains. I recall first hearing them when my punk comrade Mark had their eponymous 12 inch on Alternative Tentacles, which contained ‘The Big Takeover’ as well as a lot of dub.  So I have spent a few minutes [can you spend any longer when they were so adept at brevity in their songs?] picking a couple of old videos off Youtube for your delight.  ‘Pay to Cum’ and ‘The Big Takeover- although the latter one is in fact a collation of songs from three nights of appearances at CBGB’s punk festival, so if you have spare evening then go ahead….  Look at that stagediving… 1982. fantastic.  Enjoy!


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