An appeal for music: RIPITUP radio!

Because I’m discovering more of the cool things that can now be done using t’internet [that sounds like I’ve been locked in a box in a dark room for the last 20 years doesn’t it?], my next plan for the fanzine is to get into the wacky world of producing a podcast.  I’m not yet confident enough to guarantee that this will become a regular activity, but I am very keen to give it a go, and try to get some of the newer bands promoted out there.

So my appeal is simple – if you have a track that you want to get some attention/comment, and you are willing to allow me to include it on a podcast, please use the ‘contact’ link to get in touch and we can organise its inclusion.  As soon as I have enough content for a show, I will post it on here for downloading.  Similarly if you have any other material already ‘out there’ in mp3 decent quality format, then let me know.  Thanks!


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