Music in a Different Vein: The Arteries

In the course of my day job, I am on rare occasions compelled to travel to Swansea where one of our offices is based.  It’s a murderous cross-country journey and takes the best part of a day.  So I have plenty of time to give the ipod a good workout when travelling, and to catch up on music and podcasts.  Which is all a rather tenuous way of linking to my track of the week, which is by a band called The Arteries, who it seems hail from that westerly outpost.

As I tend to stay in bland, corporate Holiday Inn Express type places when I’m there, I have little opportunity to get to know what’s happening music wise in the city, and I’ve been thinking about which other bands have originated from Swansea over the years.  The nearest I got was The Partisans, but they were from Newport – so if anybody knows of any other notable Swansea bands then please feel free to leave a comment.

Back to The Arteries, I believe that they have had a bit of an enforced lay up recently as one of their members, Rhys, managed to have a Dixie Dave Collins – style accident with a chainsaw – rather appropriate given the band’s name.  Enjoy this, and I think a feature on them might be in order for the future.  Stuck for what to do now?  Check out their blog, and go to bandcamp and buy their album, Dead Sea.  Here’s a taster:


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