Home Grown Punk Rock from the Dissociates

Here’s a new tune for Sunday – This discovery was a result of a post I received on twitter: a good tip as it happens. The interaction was from London’s Dissociates – a punk band formed in 2008.  I was immediately tempted to try and make some poor puns relating to 80s New Romantic band The Associates, but the urge soon passed….the band describe themselves as:

…sound[ing] like 4 Londoners who grew up listening to punk rock at a time when our city was listening to Drum’n’Bass and hip-hop, and that’s certainly influenced our approach, if not our musical style. We sound like the canal down in Hackney – yes it might have a TV floating in it but it makes a lot of sense if you catch it at the right time and place and know how to tune it.

I was alerted to this catchy gem on their Bandcamp site, where I was able to give the tracks on their ‘Drown This Town’ album a listen.

And dammit, I like it: they have achieved a nice, raw sound, tuneful and catchy, with definite influences not only from later day hardcore – Dischord – era Dag Nasty comes to mind –  but also some Ruts/Skids hints showing through, which in these formulaic days is no bad thing.

I think an interview might be in order, so watch this space.  In the meantime, hear them and buy their album!  Here’s a live video and a track from their album:


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