Hud’s Tune of the Week

Rip It Up Art dude and small dog owner Hud is wont to submit his verdict on the track that has impressed him the most in a given week.  And, to encourage him, this week we start publishing his hot tip. 

Now Hud is partial to tuneful punk as much as the next man – he is after all one of the longest standing Screeching Weasel fans out there.  But his great love these days, and something we should all make sure we take in regular measures, is foul-smelling, de-tuned and heavy stuff such as this week’s tune: “In-Out” from the superbly named Mammoth Grinder.  This is crust of the finest kind, Discharge-influenced, black clad, angry, dreadlocked and in every way the kind of thing you would have found living in a Norwich squat in 1984.  And he’s right on the money this week.  It’s a killer tune.


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