Darby Crash Rides Again…and Again!

Today’s video clip is from Portland’s legendary Poison Idea – possibly my favourite US band of the 80s hardcore explosion.  You may already know that Southern Lord and TKO are re-issuing a load of old PI stuff this year, which I have to say makes me smile – I wonder if ‘Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes’ will be given a remastered repackaged reissue…oh the beautiful irony of it!  But seriously, I thought this was a good clip, introduced as it is by Tom ‘Pig Champion’ Roberts, who was always much more intelligent and lucid than his band’s antics suggested.  He wrote a really interesting column in Maximum Rock n Roll for some years and sadly passed away in 2006, following the recording of their truly awesome ‘Last Will and Testament’ album.


2 comments on “Darby Crash Rides Again…and Again!

  1. Great Pig Champion clip. Have you given The Submissives a listen to? It’s a band Tom Roberts did with Dave Dictor of M.D.C. some years back. Really good stuff.
    P.I. were definately one of the best of American hardcore bands. Saw them in 87 with the Accused, and it was one of the most killer show I ever witnessed. Pig Champion vomited onstage, Jerry was blowing fireballs with the aid of a bottle of grain alcohol he kept passing to the kids down front for swigs. Their entire set was the sonic equivalent of a series of bowling balls being dropped on one’s chest. It was just sheer mayhem. Good times.

  2. Dave, thanks for the comment. I was never honoured to see PI live myself, but I recall pics from MRR of Jerry doing his fire blowing. Incidentally the only other band I saw do this was when Ray from the Hard Ons used to do the odd fire breathing exercises…

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