The Cut Ups

Exeter based band The Cut Ups have been spending the spring working on a new album, their 3rd since they formed in 2004.  The first release, ‘Paris Street in Ruins’, was self – released, and they have now found a home on that reliable and lovable London-based punk rock label, Household Name Records, who released their second Lp, “The High and Mighty”.   We’re looking forward to reviewing the next one on release, based on the standard of their output so far.

The Cut Ups play a melodic, DC style hardcore which brings to mind influences from bands like early Dag Nasty, Embrace and even a touch of McKaye himself; but it’s a progression as opposed to a nostalgic trip down memory lane, taking in influences from more up to date bands along the way. I was going to mention Snuff – to whom they are often compared – but they’re hardly spring chickens themselves these days…..The Cut Ups have all the energy and get up and go that you need, and have made a reputation as a solid live act, playing all over the place and supporting the scene despite coming from one of the more isolated corners of the country.

You can see the band live at the following shows this year:

Friday 1st June at The Brixton Windmill, London

Saturday 2nd June at Crash Doubt Festival, Lincoln

And so you can check out some new material, here is a link to some music on their MySpace page.


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