New Deviated Instinct EP’s!

The early 1980s seem in my memory to be a grey, repressed place compared to today.  The country was actually in quite similar circumstances in many ways, what with a significant recession, political upheaval and an unpopular government.  Punk had glowed and faded, and the youth were facing the prospect of the dole queue or a Youth Training Scheme place.  It was out of these times that a whole new wave of bands were spawned – a lot of whom were overtly political and activist.  The likes of CRASS, Amebix, Antisect and others shared the same bleak view of the world, with their trademark 1984-style sleeve graphics and an increasingly heavy sound. 

Deviated Instinct – Oldschool Photos

Deviated Instinct were formed in Norwich in the early 80s, and seemed to have their own take on the ‘Anarcho’ scene which was becoming increasingly stereotyped.  They lived in the Argyle Street squat in Norwich for a while, and seemed to be forever on the road, playing gigs and supporting better known bands.  Their appearance, which became more and more unkempt, earned them the unwelcome title of ‘Stenchcore’ – although this is not something the band themselves actively defined themselves as.  Dreadlocked hair, Mad Max – style ripped black clothing and a slow, increasingly metallic sound meant that they were hard to categorise by the lazy music press of the time.  They weren’t really punk.  They didn’t dwell on ‘Maggie Out’ lyrics.  They absorbed the emerging metal scene, bands like Celtic Frost, and they played their songs slower and slower.

I really enjoyed them once I’d become hip to them in the latter half of the decade.  They got some records out on ex-Instigator Hammy’s Peaceville label, including the album ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Conformity’, which although it had great promise and style, was ultimately let down by the production.  Then personal and musical differences emerged, leading to the vocalist, Julian ‘Leggo’ Kilsby, leaving to form a more straightforward punk band, Filthkick.  DI carried on for a few more years, and then seemed to disappear into obscurity.

Fast forward to the late 2000s, and Deviated Instinct decided to re form and play live.  Over the last few years, with three of the [almost] original line-up, they have played all over the world.  But the question kept coming back – are you going to release some new material?  This was hotly awaited, and now it seems we have got something to look forward to.  News reaches us via the band’s Facebook page that a 4-song 12″ and a split 7″ with Norwegian band Summon the Crows will be released in Europe as a joint venture between Norway’s Nakkeskudd Plater and the band’s own label Terminal Filth records in early June 2012. We at Rip It Up can hardly wait to get these beauties spinning.

According to DI’s Facebook page:

After playing together again over the past few years we’re super psyched to finally get something new out and are really happy with the results. It’s also been a pleasure to work with some great people on this. Recording was at the 1in12 Bradford with Bri Doom at the helm and then mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

12″ EP: Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves

Track listing:

  • Blunt Instrument
  • Architect Of Misery
  • Thorn In Your Flesh
  • Blandscape Slavebait

Released in Europe as a joint venture between Norway’s Nakkeskudd Plater and our own label Terminal Filth records in early June 2012.

New split 7” EP with Summon The Crows

Track listing:

  • End Times  – Deviated Instinct
  • Children of the Light – Summon the Crows
  • The Burning – Summon the Crows

All pressings of the 12” will include a download card of the full session of recordings, including a bonus track, in high quality .mp3 and lossless .flac format.


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