Summon the Crows

Now punk music is a broad church.  Having listened to it for most of my time on the planet in one form or another, I realise that the style of music we know and love could equally be applied to clean cut, career-minded young lads like Blink 182, and at the other end of the spectrum, crazy cats who really lived the lifestyle like Disorder.  And that’s ok by me.  I’ll happily listen to anything interesting.  But quite often, I just get that slightly empty feeling when I hear yet another Dischord – influenced band who trade in the style of the Great McKaye.  I long to hear – or see – a band that really means it. 

I’ve been lucky enough to see a few, and you can just taste and smell authenticity when you encounter it.  You think to yourself: “These guys/gals aren’t fucking around!”  So imagine my excitement when, partly through the link to Deviated Instinct’s new EPs, below, I came across Summon the Crows, a Norwegian band from Oslo.  Check out their bandcamp page – this is the kind of hardcore punk sound that drips with the fury and heaviness of Poison Idea or Filthkick at their angry best.  Utterly marvellous, as Peel would no doubt have concluded.


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