New Snuff!

Back in the day, Snuff! were one of the most intriguing bands to emerge onto the nascent hardcore scene.  They played a storming brand of tight, fast punk rock, but they did so with influences of ska music combined – they were adept at switching styles mid-song when playing live, breaking into a 60s ska jive in the midst of a full-on hardcore track.  They wore their mod hearts on their sleeves, refusing to be stuck in the check-shirted, Converse clad late 80s hardcore mentality like so many other bands.  I recall several blinding shows, both in Ipswich and the Wharf in Huddersfield during the period where every small pub gig seemed to feature a marvellous band.   After some truly stirring classic tracks, they seemed to fade and disappear, and I guess we all moved on.  But word reaches us that new material is on the way!

Original member Duncan Redmonds has announced that 10 new tracks have been recorded for an up and coming album release.  What they sound like we don’t know, but this may indeed be a worthy release, and with the band playing live again, indeed they have just completed what amounts to a mini tour, it sounds like this could get interesting.  In the meantime, while we wait on release news, photos from the recent tour can be viewed on the band’s Facebook page, here.


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