If you’re bored on the Bank Holiday….

….and you live near Marlborough, Wiltshire, then you might want to go down to the Bear Hotel, where Peter & The Test Tube Babies are playing a FREE show!  Hud and I saw them last summer whilst following the Hard Ons on their UK dates.  When Sydney’s finest garage punk band played the Relentless Garage in London, the support band, The Stupids, pulled out at short-ish notice and so the Test Tubes were deployed like a well oiled machine [in both senses].

The previous time I remember seeing them live, although I might be wrong, was at the Manor Ballroom in Ipswich in April 1983.  ‘Pissed and Proud’ had been released the year before and was still riding high in the independent charts.  The show was awash with skinheads with unpleasant glue sniffing habits and even more unpleasant political views, but the band played a storming live set.

Fast forward to 2011 and Hud and I were the only two people pogoing away happily as they played a similarly tight and exciting show. Afterwards, we chatted [or attempted to chat] to Peter, still in the glow of his stage performance, about them good ol’ days.  He related to us that he would be unable to attend the following night’s Hard Ons show in Brighton [his home town] because he was roadie-ing for Elton John, who was playing a show the same evening but to a rather different audience.  Nevertheless, we exchanged enthusiasms and went our separate ways.  If you’ve never seen them live, you owe it to yourself to do so!  They now make their living primarily playing the festival circuit and like many of the ‘Class of 83’ punk bands who are still going, they’re pretty big in Europe.  Here’s this year’s list:

Sunday 15th April – Punk and Disorderly Festival – Germany
Sunday 27th May – Ruhrpott Rodeo Festival – Germany
Saturday 16th June –  Punk by the Sea Festival – UK
Friday 6th July – Binger Open Air Festival – Germany
Saturday 7th July – R D Rock Festival – Germany
Friday 20th July – Wickerman Festival – Scotland
Sunday 29th July – Force Attack Festival – Germany
Friday 3rd August –  Rebellion Festival – UK


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