Dead in the Dirt: Vegan Straightedge Grindcore

A tweet from Southern Lord records this afternoon got me hip straight away to the phenomenon that is Dead in the Dirt.  Now in my lengthy time writing about punk music in its various forms, I have observed the coming, and in some cases going of various cliques within the scene.  The late 80s was terrible for it – you couldn’t move at some gigs without stepping on the metaphorical toes of some micro-cult or another, and most deserved a good dose of pisstaking which is what we tried to do back in the day with our print issues. 

However, this is a new one on me – a Grind band who are also straightedge.  The two concepts are not completely mutually exclusive, although you try telling that to Dean of Extreme Noise Terror.  But here is a really tight sounding, hard hitting band with all the energy of the old Noo Yoik scene, but it seems none of the knuckle dragging boneheaded attitude.  Dead in the Dirt really have managed to create a mixture of straightedge hardcore and crust.

And a feedback-laden video clip of their set at Pomona, Califiornia, last Thursday 27th April.


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