Monthly Round – Up: April 2012

Well, April has been a full-on month in RIPITUP land.  Just like the feeling you get when surveying your house the morning after a completely out of control party, let’s take stock of the over-ripe bananas and fully shelled peanuts we’ve been tossing around our little cage in the last thirty days.  For a start, we’ve resurrected the fanzine as a fully interactive website, got a healthy circulation going on, learned to Tweet, and, if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also written about some of the following fun things:

This is of course just a sample of what we got up to in April.  With the team now back to our original number with DeHud staggering back on board, we now look forward to filling your May 2012 with a Great Rude Sincerity of punk rock, half-baked recollections and pint-sized opinions from the boys next door.

Finally, thanks for reading.  Keep checking back: we have already got some really great stuff in the pipeline for the coming month!



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