Raking my cage out.

 Off! First Four EPs

The passing of time is, as Rip It Up fan Myleene Klaas is often quoted; “like trying to get cake into a sock”  Very much like the topsy-turvy corn snacked trajectory of Beef & Onion Monster Munch, OFF! front-man Keith Morris had become smaller & less beefy up until the end of the last decade when, with a [re?]launch of such ferociousness the game was well and truly back On!  This delicious collection of the 1st 4 Eps is to fill the Off-shaped-monster-paw shaped hole before the May 8th release of their 1st full-length.                         16 songs in 18 minutes : Punk as it used to be – Punk as it should be – Punk as good as it can be.                                                                  “I don’t wanna live to be fourty-three – I don’t like what i see going on around me.. I don’t wanna live to be fifty-seven – I’m living in hell is there a heaven?” Well he did and I’m glad. All we need is the spider-shaped smokey bacon flavour back now.


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