That’s Torch with an E

TORCHE – “Harmonicraft”

For those of you who, like me, are a complete sucker for a throbbing slab of bomb-tuned guitar [those not familiar with that muso-ish term; head for down-tuned Sabbathy riffs – go straight on deeeeeper and lower, replacing top guitar strings with bass-strings with the gauge of National Grid pylon cable – There you go.] This lot have, through their former association with a stack of bands including the mighty Floor & Cavity, cultivated their sound built on monstrous riffs pinned tightly to actual tunes . Listen to Healer from their last album – One of my favourite songs, ever – Try telling me it’s not catchy as all of hell?

This album probably strays a bit further into the more Mastodony-metal-arena anthems than I would hope but as long as they keep bombing those tunes I’ll be there….at the bottom…


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