Dopefight/Gurt Split EP

I don’t know if it’s the terrible weather we’re having at the moment, but this week has seen Rip It Up tending towards metallic, slow, heavy, downtuned music.  Hud’s post yesterday on Thorun was one such example; and although this is not a style of music I listen to all the time, it certainly has a big place in the scheme of things.  And for that reason, I am posting today on another new release by British band Dopefight, who have just put out a really storming new split EP with another UK sludge band, Gurt.

Dopefight first, then: ‘Stonk’ is a monster – deeply downtuned, slow, filled with riffing and utterly satisfying.  Great vocals complete the mix.  The band’s iconography leaves little to the imagination – they’re on the same page as the legendary Weedeater in both musical outlook and recreational habits.  But they bring a bit of diversity to the table with some inspired 70’s rock soloing as well.  ‘Green Solace’ continues the heavy, bass-driven attack with a familiar, Sabbath-type riff.  I can’t find fault with this stuff – it really satisfies.

Gurt’s side is quite diverse.  A much faster style on the first track, ‘Soapfeast’, with strangled-sounding vocals in the gravelly-voiced Dixie Collins style.  Gurt describe themselves thus: “GURT take the blues and groove of 70s rock and drag it backwards through the swamps of Louisiana. ”  Their second track, ‘Dudes with Beards with Cats’ is an altogether slower, heavier affair with exciting time signature changes and the same slab of heavy guitar overlaid.

I’ll leave you with some of the tracks, and I urge you to load up on this terrific split EP!


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