Seas Will Rise: Disease is our Refrain LP

Seas will Rise are a heavy, fast band hailing from Tempe, Arizona.  I’m a little behind the curve on this one, because the album was released in March this year.  I found out about it ia the excellent Audiosiege, as Brad Boatright of that parish had involvement in the engineering of the record. 

The band, a four-piece, offer a medium-paced, heavy sound that brings to mind the sound of Trap Them, Wolfbrigade and a few hints of Agnostic Front as well – with the solid backbone of drums that sometimes veer into D-Beat terriroty, whilst being overlaid with metallic guitar licks.  Gruff vocals complete the mix.  But there is more than just single speed thrashing going on here.  Whilst the first four tracks are full-on, ‘To scratch out a life’ changes the style somewhat and introduces a more melodic hardcore sound.

There are a mixture of tempos on display here, and the music reflects the bleakness of the desert environment from which it comes.  The band’s first full LP following their 2010 ‘Cagematch’ EP, it gives you a good idea what Seas will Rise are all about.  Thick slabs of downtuned guitar, solid, pounding drums combine to unleash a crunching and powerful sound and a really polished production with the trademark Audiosiege attack.  This release sears the skin like the unrelenting sun, strips the living parts from plants and animals, and reduces all before it to desert sand.  At $3.99 [USD] this is a great value investment.  Get over to Bandcamp and buy it!


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