Tomorrow we are promised rain, rain and more rain.  Last week we had rain, rain and more rain.  Yet there is officially a drought here in soaking East Anglia, UK.  But today the flood has been one of sheer punk – I am struggling to keep up with the new bands, releases and discoveries I have made in my breaks from working and looking after a sickly daughter. 

The newest of my discoveries is Snakes.  A hardcore band from the superbly named Grand Rapids, Michigan, they have laid down an album rather cheerfully titled ‘Please Just Kill Me Now‘ – which in a rather timely way is pretty much what I felt just this morning after a long evening sampling the output of various micro breweries in my local pub.  These guys have hit on a really satisfying sound; heavy, hard but clear and well mixed.  With all the elements in their rightful place, we enjoy slow, metallic chugging riffs, fast thrash sections and good old balls-out Poison Idea style punk.  There is more than a hint of MDC, 80s era DRI and other hardcore luminaries here.  The vocals are gruff but not shouty [Hud and I have come to the agreement that shouty hardcore is an irritating thing to experience], and all in all this is a really solid first LP.

The record is free on their bandcamp site as a digital download, but rather impressively they have also had the gumption to issue a cassette version – individually recorded and labelled – which you could buy, but would then realise that you most likely have no device that will play it.  No matter.  Go to their site now, download their album and play it loud!


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