Hard as Nails

Forgive me for the pun; I’m looking forward to the next release by a band called Nails.  Hailing from Southern California, the band was formed in late 2007 and they play a thunderously fast, heavy sounding music that makes you step back for a moment when you hear it. Shades of Trap Them, Converge and even Wolfbrigade shine through their recorded output.

The band recorded their ‘Unsilent Death’ LP initially in late 2009, when it was released by Six Feet Under records.  A masterful exercise in raw hardcore, this is an album that will not be ignored, leaving the listener both stunned and yet wanting more.  It was picked up by Southern Lord records, and the band has a split 7″ with San Francisco band Skin Like Iron, released at the start of the year [31/1/12].  This is designed to be a prelude to a new full length album chalked up for release by Southern Lord in the first half of this year.  The two tracks, ‘Anihilation’ and ‘Cry Wolf’, are amongst the most extreme thrash I have ever experienced – short, heavy, metallic and brutal.  If this is any sign of how the album will play out, then it is a must listen!


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