Iron Witch – Southern Blues, via Merseyside

Back in the 1980s in Liverpool, there was a tendency for erstwhile football hooligans to scruff down, grow their hair and smoke stacks of dope while listening to endless Pink Floyd and early Genesis.  The city has always had a reputation for being [perhaps deliberately] perverse, and for basically doing the opposite to what the rest of the country does.  Perhaps it’s something to do with its maritime past, and the fact that it defiantly faces out to sea as opposed to inward to the rest of England.  Now, many years after the blue haze has cleared, Iron Witch have emerged from the city they call ‘England’s New York’.  Describing themselves as ‘Outlaws of the Delta Blues’, they have released some material on Bandcamp, but just recently I’ve become hip to their forthcoming 7″ release on ThirtyDaysofNight records, entitled ‘Post Vegas Blues’. 

Listening to their last release, the ‘Single Malt’ LP, there is a definite 70s rock influence to the sound, which is brought up to date via St Vitus – style slow doom.  Whilst the song titles might be a little too derivative of the deep south for a band based in chilly Merseyside, the music cannot be faulted.  I for one am looking forward to hearing more from this band, and I suggest that you check them out via their Bandcamp page.  I shall be doing my best to suggest a visit to DeHud’s northern mansions to co-incide with their next hometown show.


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