Prehistoric Punk

Rip It Up scribe Hud, being ahead of the game but in a low-key way, has already mentioned Austin, TX band Mammoth Grinder as his tip of the week a few weeks ago. But I thought this deserved some more publicity as it’s due out early June. It’s their new 7″ release, featuring three blazing tracks of hard, heavy-hitting, basic crust punk, with the added bonus of an Amebix cover.

This takes me right back to the early 1980s, when said Hud introduced me to his just-purchased vinyl copy of ‘Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing’ by Discharge. I remember being taken aback by the unrelenting fury of the tracks, and the sheer intensity of the attack as they spilled out of the dusty hi-fi speakers, each one seeming to last one and a half minutes or so. This is one of those rare releases where the same effect occurs. Neither too fast, nor too extreme, nor too shouty, this is refined punk rock that brings to my mind Poison Idea – thick drum slaps maintain a fast punk rock beat, while over the top of them a solid wall of distorted guitar chugs along, the roared vocals transmitting just the right balance of rage and authority.

This is Mammoth Grinder’s sixth release, which they corrected me on earlier! They already have a 7″ release from two years ago as well as one side of a split 12″ with Hatred Surge, released last year. The previous releases are of a similar standard, although the new release just trumps them for me.


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