The Disease Concept: A Sound Kicking

This is a tip I picked up online.  It’s an EP by the band ‘The Disease Concept’, entitled ‘Liquor Bottles and Broken Steel’.  It has what so many bands of this genre lack – that ‘wow’ factor when you first hear it. 

Few bands really hit you hard on first listen – but that’s exactly what happened here.  How would I describe them?  Well, they seem to have a bit of everything going on – punk, metal, blues, sludge – you name it and it appears in the mix.  The tracks have an immediacy and also benefit from a huge and superb production, both of which qualities combine to smack you awake and then thoroughly rough you up.  It brings to mind some of the legendary hard cases of the hardcore world, such as Jerry from Poison Idea – there is a directness about this EP that makes it really special.  The guitar sound is suitably dirty and distorted, the drumming and bass providing a massive rhythm section and the vocals topping the mix with a bark of urgency.

TDC is evidently a side project for the guys in the band – the members have an impressive roll call of ‘other duties’ –

David Szulkin from BLOOD FARMERS (guitars)
Tommy Southard from SOLACE (guitars)
Jesse Kling from SOLLUBI (vocals)
Corey Bing  from FISTULA (drums)
Chris Griffith from SOLLUBI (bass)
The EP is available from their Bandcamp page, and can be previewed below.  Just play it loud, ok?

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