If I was in a cartoon now , my jaw would have clanged onto the floor and my tongue would be unrolling itself onto the carpet in a claggy drool. It’s that much of a anvil-off-a-cliff onto big toe moment! Enticed by the cover on a regular, speculative trawl into Bandcamp I was rewarded with 6 top-class frenetic tunes with incredible vocals [& it’s on a free download!]. Blasted are a UK 3-piece and have only been going since late 2011 – this is their 1st release – which, by the incredible standard of furious playing and vocals, is miraculous.

An absolute frying-pan-in-the-face treat.


2 comments on “Blasted

  1. Full on raging. Immediate download action commenced on my part by the time the first track was half through. Fucking hits like a cinder block through a window. Thanks for posting this.

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