Swarm of Spheres: A Blast of Canadian Heavy Rock

This release has been out a few months now, but I’ve included it here because it’s still merit worthy enough to get Rip It Up’s battered eardrums ringing with interest.  I’m talking about the eponymous debut album by Ottawa based sludge/hard rockers Swarm Of Spheres.  A six track release, this album hits hard with a dirty, heavy rock attack.

A three-piece outfit, SoS have really come up with some interesting, metal-infused heavy rock goodness.  Pitching their sound roughly at the unholy axis of Portland HC Gods Poison Idea in their most furious and powerful phase, these boys mix some fuzzed out, almost psychedelic guitar layers over the top of the ensuing melee and then throw in some good old Sabbath/Saxon style metal as well.  The result is a lively mixture of good time rock and roll with absolutely no pretensions that puts you in mind of dark, sweaty clubs that feature carpet that sticks to your feet, dodgy beer and unreasonably attractive women in attendance.

The songs are wonderfully long, most being at least five minutes or more.  That’s ok, though, because although scarred by the onslaught, the listener cannot help but want more.  The intensity never lets up for a second – there are no long, boring passages here, just balls-out rock’n’roll which takes no prisoners.  This is the kind of lively, up-yours music that we love here at Rip It Up – it falls into the same joyous camp as bands like XIIBoar, The Disease Concept or Holy Mountain.  I recommend that you get your ass over to their Bandcamp page and listen to this for yourself!



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