The Age of Woe: Swedish Hardcore Attack

The Age of Woe.  Not the most cheerful band name, it must be said.  Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2010, the band has a rich heitage and is made up of former members of End of All, Massmord, Future Ruins, Fredag den 13:e, Terrorstat, No Hawaii, The Deadists and The Process.  Consisting of Anders Pålsson on Bass,  Markus Bolechowski Franklin slapping the Drums,  Sonny Stark on Vocals,  Martin Brzezinski on Guitar and Gonzo Incognito [most assuredly the name his mother gave him] on Guitar as well, the band has released a 7″ e.p. both as a record and also as a digital download, and they have spent the last year playing live to hone their sound.

The band then relocated to ‘a cottage in the woods’, Led Zep at Bron-y-Aur style, to begin work on recording their debut album, which we hope to see released some this  this year. If the current recorded material is anything to go by then this is a release I am looking forward to.

A thunderous, heavy, downtuned combination of guitar and bass mixes metal and hardcore styles, underpinned solidly with a mixture of full-on hardcore drumming and passages of slow, metallic beats.  For a debut release this is professional sounding stuff and hints at greater things to come.  The influences that peep through the storm clouds cover a spectrum from Discharge, Deviated Instinct through to – rather unusually – the melodic heaviness of some of the early 90s New York bands like Shelter.  It is far from the predictable, identikit hardcore sound we are sadly used to with many new bands.

Age Of Woe is fueled by the desire to explore new soundscapes in the vast landscapes of punk and metal, leaving the Gothenburg sound in the dust.

In terms of nailing their impressive sound, the band has already worked with producer Carlos Sepulveda on their 7″ e.p., but they are also using the services of producer Lennart Östlund from Polar Studios (LED ZEPPELIN etc) – and so the earlier allusion to the Zep-in-the-woods was not just my self-indulgent fooling around!!!


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