War Charge: Scottish Hardcore with an X on its Hand

You might have noticed that Rip It Up has recently been heading down the metal alley: there is clearly nothing wrong with this.  Stoner rock and doom/sludge have a big place in the affections of both of your dedicated scribes.  A fat, bassy downtuned riff brings great delight. It’s just that sometimes, you need some variety.  And this is a good example.

It was in this spirit that we present a new and very much punk band for your attention.  War Charge hail from Scotland, and are presenting us with a 10-track LP of absolutely superb, back to basics hardcore. War Charge have done their country proud.

Their eponymous LP, released in April, serves up hot, thick slabs of hard-hitting, energy filled music.  Drum slaps cascade as the onslaught of solid guitar riffs obliterate all in their path.  Catchy riffs and suitably gruff vocals top the mix and make this an engaging listen.  The production and song composition is first-rate, and the style brings to mind Youth of Today or Judge at their late 80s best, including joyous crowd-chanted choruses.  Not too fast or too slow, this is simply classic stuff and it had me making fist salutes as I played it, and makes me regret losing my old YOT T-Shirt which I bought from the dear departed Selectadisc in Nottingham in the late 80s!  How’s that for sad!

This is straight-down-the-line, no frills, brutal straightedge punk rock that speaks an unsophisticated language of the frustrations of ordinary life, and which flicks two fingers up at mediocrity.  Because of these facts, it is important that you experience War Charge for yourself.  Buy their album – you can get it as a download from Bandcamp, or as a vinyl LP.  I want to see these guys live soon!


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