Main Line 10 – Hardcore from Majorca

I came across this release on Bandcamp, and it grabbed my attention from the first drum beat.  Main Line 10 are a four-piece melodic hardcore band who hail from Palma in Majorca, a city situated on a beautiful island that is under siege for the winter months by pro cyclists training in the balmy weather, whilst the shaven-legged pedal pushers are replaced in the summer months by drunken hordes of North Europeans complaining that the beer tastes funny and the tomato ketchup isn’t the same as it is back home.  It’s no wonder they decided to form a hardcore band.

Main Line 10 play a really tight, professional melodic hardcore that takes me back to the days of my far-off youth – in the late 80s it seemed that every visit to the record store would yield some great new LP, normally released via Dischord or one of the many Californian labels that sprung up around the Maximum Rock n Roll scene.

You would find albums by the likes of Scream, Dag Nasty, Squirrel Bait, Embrace, Jawbreaker and so many more bands just brimming with tunes.  And this release carries the flame into the modern age.

Unashamedly quite commercial, the band comprises Carlos Javaloyas (bass/vocals), Barto Reig (guitar/vocals), Adrian Jimenez (guitar/vocals) and Daniel Amengual (drums).  Together they have put together a 13 track LP called ‘Stick ’em Up‘ which never lets up in its intensity.  These young Majorcans deliver riff after riff of melodic power, with the bass and drums delivering a fast rhythm in thick, energetic slaps whilst catchy-as-all-get-out choruses top off the mix to provide a coherent sound that both pleases and devastates.

Once again, a refreshing release because these boys have learnt to compose songs properly, employed a good producer who exploits their sound to the maximum, and presented their music with care.  All these things make a huge difference to a jaded hack trawling though a long list of hopeful bands, all vying for attention.


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