Sludgebucket: Heavy Doom from Oakland, CA

The northern California area, close to the epicentre of 60s counter-culture San Francisco, has a history of heavy music – Brainoil, Metallica to name just a couple.  Out of Oakland comes a band who proffer a set of songs that are slow, heavy and filled with the influences of the blue fog of dope smoke that seemed to be omnipresent in 70s rock folklore.  Sludgebucket are this band, and they have been in touch to make us aware of their Sabbath-inflected rock offerings as they prepare to release a new EP, entitled ‘Deciphering the Monolith’.

Sludgebucket were a band initiated by bassist/vocalist Kelly Waldrip in late 2004.  Founded in Oakland, the band at this time also featured John Robert Santos on guitar,Doug Weldy on drums.  This incarnation released an eponymous debut album in 2007, which displayed various influences from blues to metal via hardcore and doom.  After the death of guitarist John Santos in March 2009, the band returned to recording with a new guitar player, Jordan Watts and released their second album “Clownsoulpowertrip” in july 2011.

The band plays a heavy, stoner styled rock sound which brings to mind bands like later Corrosion of Conformity and a more bluesy Sabbath.

 Check out their music at Reverbnation.


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