Fister: New EP

A powerful doom band who have been around for a while now is Fister, from St Louis, Missouri.  This three piece has released a new EP, entitled ‘The Infernal Paramount’, in both vinyl and download formats.  A bleak, dark, heavy sound, this two-track EP contains all the elements of the sludge/doom style that you could want.  The vocals are savage, and there are also death metal guitar influences in there too, for sure.  This is angry, uncompromising and thoroughly unpleasant music which means that it’s a must listen.

I must admit to not having been up to speed on Fister’s back catalogue so far – they’ve produced two LPs and this is their second EP release, the first, ‘And Their Masters Bled for Days‘ being a split with The Lion’s Daughter.  But this is good stuff.  It has a good, dirty production and plenty of bottom end power, with the heavily downtuned guitar riffing being dark and moody.  Much more metal than stoner in its heritage, this has hallmarks of Candlemass, even early Paradise Lost lingering amongst the slow riffs.  The iconography – black cover, gothic logo, all hint towards the darker end of the metal spectrum.

The tempo, while mainly sludge-slow, picks up a bit on the second track, ‘River Coffins’.  This is a soundtrack to the journey to hell, poisonous and gloomy; and as such, how could we possibly not give it top marks?  Get over to Bandcamp and check it out!


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