Major Käng…!

Saturday night here is Bridge night – not the sort of bridge where I find myself at a card table with Brian & Yvonne from No. 36 leading later to awkward group intercourse in their new conservatory in front of their golden retriever – but the superbly bleak scandinavian crime series on BBC 4. A split subtitled Danish/Swedish language vehicle, I have become familiar with many of their terms for forensics and horrific mutilation [‘sex’ is disappointingly just ‘sex’…. no umlauts or nothing…pheesh] but not once has there been a mention of Käng. Which, as i’m sure you all of you who are much punker than me will know is an exquisite blend of D-beat-Hardcore-Crust-Bhangra or something like that. All I need to know is that the terrific bands highlighted below [and there are many, many more – Herätys & Fy Fan being existing favourites of mine] are continuing where the godfathers of the Scandy scene Totalitär, left off.


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