Extreme Noise Terror on Moshpit Tragedy

The admirable ‘Pay what you Want’ label Moshpit Tragedy has released a storming retrospective of Extreme Noise Terror’s greatest tracks.  Containing the definitive tracks from their history, such as ‘Bullshit Propoganda’, ‘Murder’ and ‘False Prophet’ amongst others, this tracks the history of the band from their beginnings in Ipswich.

These are original tracks, with the superbly raw production and dual vocal attack from the late Phil Vane and current founder member Dean Jones, along with guitar from Pete Hurley.  The sound remains clear and full-on, and it makes me recall the days when deHud and I would make our way to see them playing at some sleazy venue in Ipswich and inevitably be blown away.  But the sound also reminds you that they didn’t use to be a ‘grindcore’ or ‘metal’ act at all: as Dean has said in many interviews, ENT are at their heart a hardcore punk band.  This release shows that to be the case.

As the late lamented John Peel would no doubt have said, this brings a tear to my eye.

Go the Moshpit Tragedy and buy the release here.


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