Spelljammer – Doom from the Frozen North

For almost six weeks now, the UK has been in the grip of cold, soul-sucking winds that have descended from the Arctic, pushing away the warm air we normally bask in at this time of year.  The cold is everywhere; it saps your will to live.  Maybe, one day soon, we will get some spring, never mind summer weather! But for today, here is another cold, gloomy current that has blown our way from the North.  Spelljammer.

Spelljammer is a four-piece band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden.  Featuring Robert Sörling, Niklas Olsson, Cloffe Caspersson and Oscar Olseryd, the band has just released a second EP, entitled rather appropriately ‘Vol II’.  This follows the 2010 release, ‘Inches from the Sun’, and continues the slow, dark metallic doom of the first EP.  Drawing on influences such as the Melvins, Soundgarden and Sleep, Spelljammer have crafted a lengthy three track slab of dark grey marble, each song coming in at not far off ten minutes.  It is the sound of a land bereft of comfort and warmth.

Aun’s Mountain‘ is a heavy jam with anguished sounding vocals topping restless drums and writhing guitars.  ‘Electric Ground‘ seems somehow slightly happier, more soulful and very Sabbath-y.  There is plenty of evidence here of mis-spent youth with too many dusty 70s LPs and too much smoking paraphenalia.  The third track, ‘Space Reefer‘, my personal favourite, is another heavy jam and confirms the band as one able to knock out a damn fine rock record.  The production is good, the mix is about right and the songs are well put together.  Hints of ‘Iron Man’ era Ozzy appear in places, but all in all Spelljammer have carved their own style and dammit, I like it!  Get over to Bandcamp and check it out, it’s a bargain for the three tracks.  Download it and crack open a chilly Doom!


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