Death Denied: Stoner Rock from Poland

If you are a regular reader of Rip It Up, you will know of our continuing discovery of bands hailing from Poland.  Major Kong and Belzebong are the prime examples of this, and we are finding that the country is a rich source of music, all the bands seeming to invest a lot of time and effort into musicianship and production.  The two bands mentioned have hardly been off my ipod playlist in the last month.  No exception to this rule is Death Denied, a four-piece band hailing from Łódź.  Proffering a brand of Southern Metal that is unashamedly all about good times, these guys have been in touch to tell us about what they do – and we like it!

Death Denied are Szafar on Vocals, Tasior on guitar and vocals, Kiemzo also on guitar, Vincent – bass and vocals and Wrona playing drums.  Between them they have managed to whip up a spot-on bit of metallic good time rock n roll.  Their EP, a five track affair entitled ‘Appetite for Booze’, leaves you in no doubt where Death Denied stand.  The name might be somewhat cliched, but the music is a cut above the majority of what we end up being presented with.

Loud, well produced and dripping with the authentic Southern, Bourbon-soaked sound, the EP starts off with ‘This is How We Roll‘ – bringing to mind later Corrosion of Conformity, with a nice line in metallic guitar licks and melody.  Vocals are good and gruff, and choruses are rousing.  ‘Sssnakes‘, the next track, kicks off with a storming riff, thick, solid bass and pounding drums creating excitement.  The band uses restraint quite well, with quiet passages giving way to all-out choruses.  There are elements of Metallica visible within the blusey Southern sound.  ‘Murky Waters‘ could be playing on a jukebox in a truckstop populated by dungareed, pick up driving good ol’ boys, such is its dirty, slow riffage.  A mix of mid-period Metallica and bits of Lynyrd Skynyrd make this an evocative landscape of long, straight roads and hot sunshine.  ‘Blind,’ the penultimate track, wades straight into a massive, bass-drum driven punch up which is far more metallic, but still with melody.    The final track, ‘City of Dust‘, is six and a half minutes of straight heavy rock.  Kind of a Soundgarden meets CoC sound, with vocals in a very James Hetfield style – and that track leaves us at the end of a really cracking EP.

This EP is a great release. and Death Denied are a band worth watching.  Check it out below, and we will keep you updated on what they do next.


2 comments on “Death Denied: Stoner Rock from Poland

  1. Yeah, Poland is a great place for hard music. I think the only Polish bands I even heard of in the years before before I bought my first computer in 06 were DEZERTER, POST REGIMENT and HOMOMILITIA. Thanks to the intertubes though, I found a rad Polish punk/hardcore/metal comp about three years back and since I have been nuts for Polish music. You guys have to check out BITCHCRAFT-Polish stoner/doom with a female vocalist There’s a you tube of them doing a live ELECTRIC WIZARD cover that is pretty rad, and their original stuff is quite like DRAIN S.T.H. meets TAD with Tony Iommi ripped on Quaaludes sitting in. I discovered BITCHCRAFT quite on accident only a couple of days before you posted about MAJOR KONG (Who I’m apeshit over and have been listening to daily) and since, I’ve been on a huge Polish music bender.
    Some other bands from Poland that may be of interest-POISON HONEY, AMETRIA, SCHIZMA,GARS,JOE SIX PACK, ACID DRINKERS, THE ANALOGS, and KASTRACJA-the latter two I think you’d like a lot just on the strength of how much you guys dig THE HARD ONS.
    Oh, I caps locked all the band names because that’s how Bruce Rohers used to do it in his MRR column. Just seemed like the punk thing to do.
    (If only that excuse would have worked with my boss the last time I came in late for work after drinking cheap swill beer while listening to ANNIHILATION TIME all the previous night…)

  2. Top comment Dave! Many thanks. We’ll give the bands you mention a listen for sure, all sounds like good stuff. Keep enjoying!!!

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