Future Ruins: Further Scandinavian Invasion

The stats I get for this website describe the readership by country of origin, and we get tons of interest from the States, Eastern Europe [Poland being notable], and Scandinavia.  But comparatively little from the good ol’ UK where we reside.  Now what does that say? I’m not sure really, but it would seem that apart from the oft-quoted cycnicism of British folk, perhaps there is just more enthusiasm at this grass roots level in those other countries.  I read Mid of Deviated Instinct saying basically the same thing somewhere recently – alluding to the fact that the vast majority of interest in his UK-based band is from, well, anywhere except the UK.  And in this vein, you only have to look at the places where people are getting in touch from, and indeed hooking up via social media such as Twitter.  Sweden’s Future Ruins being a case in point.

FUTURE RUINS are a five-piece metallic crust outfit hailing from various parts of Sweden (Skåne/Göteborg/Stockholm). It would be no exaggeration to state that this band really has its shit together.  An ultra-slick website detailing all you could wish to know about them, a great set of online music previews, and some cracking Scandinavian crust music.  This is a band whose lineage can be traced back to the band Massmord, which also spawned some members of Age of Woe, whom we featured a few days ago.  I’m following up the details of the links, and will post more on this band soon.

Musically, you have to hear them.  This is hard – hitting, heavy crust with the classic Scandinavian edge – the sound that has been honed over many years of bands playing this style.  Thick, driving guitars, cascading drums with the D-Beat framework holding things together, and those marvellous bellowed vocals that make bands such as Wolfbrigade and their like so great.  They released their eponymous EP last October, giving the world ten tracks of classic Swedish crust.  Play it loud, and I hope to post more on them soon!


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