Drone from the Underside of the Earth

I’ve been away for a couple of days, so apologies for the lack of posts since Wednesday.  I have a life outside of Rip It Up! But as I type, sitting at DeHud’s macbook during a weekend visit up north which I hope will include a gig, I wanted to post about this compilation which has appeared on the Bandcamp site of Australian label Art as Catharsis.  Entitled ‘Drone from the  Underside of the Earth’, it is a showcase for all things heavy and downtuned from Down Under.

Now it has been said before that Sydney’s mighty Hard Ons are Rip It Up’s fave band of all time.  They themselves are influenced by all sorts of other great music that came out of Aus in the past – bands such as The Saints and Radio Birdman for example.  But this massive compilation, running to 26 tracks, shows a whole new generation of heavy bands.

Running the gamut of styles, from the Sabbath-inflected stoner rock of Arrowhead’s ‘Blood from a Stone’ to the super-heavy metallic sludge of Space Bong’s ‘The Death Kneel’, this is a really interesting compilation.  Art As Catharsis is a well established label with quite a few releases of interest, some of which I hope to post about before too long.

In the meantime, get this on loud.  It’s a free sampler and can be had from AAC’s Bandcamp page.


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