Iron Worzel: Sludge from Down Under

We at Rip It Up try to keep our fingers on the slow-beating pulse of the music scene; it’s a labour of love searching out exciting bands to post about, and listening to stuff people send us.  For the most part, we manage to seek out new releases as and when they happen: sometimes however you realise that you just cannot keep up, such is the volume of self-released music crawling out of dingy rehearsal rooms and dimly lit studios the world over.  So I’ve got pals from Crawl to thank for this tip: an Australian band called Iron Worzel, who have released an eponymous 6-track EP of the most toweringly heavy, slow, downtuned goodness.  Not a new release by our normal standards, this was so good that I felt it had to be featured anyway.  The EP runs to roughly 30 minutes, and in that time we are treated to some classic doom music.

Starting off soooo slowly, the opener, ‘Iron Worzel‘, builds in intensity and wakes up like some revolting sea creature, with super-downtuned guitar and bass, drums which are hit every 30 seconds or so, and agonised vocals that detail  suffering of unimaginable proportions.  However, at 3 minutes 46 seconds, the track kicks off like a good old bar room brawl.  Chugging along like a good dose of vintage Extreme Noise Terror, complete with dual vocals to boot, this is an utter delight and an eye-opener.  Licks from a mutated Sabbath embellish the doom, which slows back down to agonising speed at the end of the track.

Wood from Wood‘ wastes no time on formalities.  Rather than introducing itself politely, we are simply assaulted by a vast metallic riff, with drums spitting out from the mess of bass and guitar.  ‘Franky und Kator‘ continues the mid-speed metallic attack, with an early Slayer-esque feel to it, but in a world where Slayer has been crossed with Bristol squat punks Chaos UK!  This even has a bluesy, Southern interlude as well.

The next track, ‘Final Straw‘, is another fast, downtuned delight, with a simple riff lending effect and a tight rhythm section keeping momentum.  These guys play listenable, almost tuneful sludge!  ‘Rust’ follows, an epic nearly nine minute doom jam that mixes Prong with a dose of sludgy heaviness that bands like Iron Monkey and Brainoil are experts in.  The final track, ‘Never Too late‘, really does sound like a more sludge-inflected Extreme Noise Terror or Deviated Instinct; a faster jam, but hard hitting and perhaps more metallic.

Listening to this is kind of mandatory really, with a decent set of speakers if possible. 


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