Deviated Instinct / Dresden – Appeal!

Hot on the heels of our recent mention of Blackie from the Hard Ons’ misfortune, the Twittersphere has this evening been revealing more unpleasant happenings – this time news that the van carrying luggage, personal possessions and some gear belonging to the bands Dresden and Deviated Instinct, who were playing a show in Cleveland, Ohio, has been stolen.  This appears to have left the guys not only missing their stuff, but also in DI’s case, thousands of miles from home as well.  They have had to cancel their show in Detroit tonight, but hope to salvage the rest of the dates.  This is rather more than just bad luck because they have lost not only band gear, which can be replaced, but apparently personal possessions as well.  Not a nice situation to find yourself in anywhere.

Profane Existence, the US based punk fanzine, have posted details should you be able to make any form of donation to help the bands out.  I have posted the link here – times like this are when Paypal comes into its own I guess.  If you dont’t want to donate, then buy their new releases instead!


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