FLEX your head

“Thanks to no fucker” – Thats the no-frills strapline that drew me in to this demo release by Leeds 5-piece The Flex.
5 snarling, brutally crafted short tunes [longest is 2:09] which blast on top of chopping punk riffs, leaking-bucket-of-hate vocals and wonderful, bludgeoned drumming, crunching the numerous pace changes into the Yorkshire earth. It almost reminds me of playing a GBH album at the wrong speed , it’s that sort of different. Happily this is too inventive to be deemed as pure ‘hardcore’ by todays terms – A stunning demo – Check them out

“Don’t take too much acid on a Sunday night” – That’s one of the major life lessons I learnt about living in a shared house with other feckless no-hopers, a flaky student and someone from Rotherham. I think it’s right up there with “Furniture is for poofs” and “Try not to get caught masturbating to the Hit Man & Her”. All 5 members of The Flex share a house in Leeds and judging by the almighty fucking row they have made all over their demo, they must have some healthy ‘house meetings’. Liam, the drummer, filled me in on what goes on; Everyone in the band all live in the same house, so we were like cool, lets start a band and I’ve played guitar/sang/bass in hardcore bands for the last 6 years and fancied a change, same with the bass player and vocals, so we’ve all had a switch around, none of us can actually play the instruments we play, so in true 80’s fashion its 5 guys who cant play for shit trying to play punk – I’ve been playing drums as long as the band has been a band, we started the band as a joke for the guitarist’s birthday bash, and the response was insane so we decided to keep it going!  Now you’ve mentioned the drumming – I’m no musician [failed musician=fanzine writer yes?] but what i really love about them is they sound to me like they are almost [but only very,very slightly] ‘off the pace’? – Are you a)on heavy medication or b) just very laid back?! It has this great sort of  ‘dragging’ effect on the tunes. [all of this is meant as a compliment I must add!] Do you know what i mean or am i just talking shit?!  The whole demo was recorded by myself on karaoke mics into a PA system and then into my laptop. Did drums first, and then recorded each instrument separate, I think it might be one of the guitarist’s loose style that makes it drag, he’s never been in a band before and I think his brain works 10 seconds behind everyone else’s – ha! As for the heavy medication some of us are drinkers/stoners and the vocalist is keeping it on lock for the straight edge. I’d say we took influence from the early 80’s Boston bands like Impact Unit, SS Decontrol, DYS and Jerry’s Kids, and also the later Boston bands like Think I Care and Nightstick Justice. All of these bands were heavily influenced by the UK82 punk scene so bands like Blitz and Attak so I guess these bands have an indirect influence on the band and our outcomes, but all of us listen to that kind of stuff too. Well it certainly shows thru in the punk as all fuck demo but not in the obvious copycat way that a lot of bands fall victim to.

Thanks a ton to Liam for his time and I look forward to their release on their own label very soon – We’ll keep you posted!


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