Black Shape of Nexus – No Business Like Slow Business!

Holy Moley! DeHud sent me this tip by email last night and I was blown away by it.  Hailing from Mannheim, Germany is the slow, sludgy beast that some call Black Shape of Nexus.  Their double LP and CD ‘Negative Black’ was released a month ago, and contains seven tracks of pure, steamrollering heaviness. 

Forming in 2005, the band comprises six members – Jan [electronics, keys], Ralf Bernhardt [guitars, tech], Geb [guitars], Stefan Kuhn [bass], Malte Seidel [vocals] and Marco Hauser [drums].  Described by José Carlos Santos as “Pummelling you with painfully slow doom and finishing you off with acrid, harsh drones, B·SON give down-tempo a whole new meaning“.  That’s not hype, it is a statement of fact.

‘Negative Black’ is the latest release in a considerable back catalogue, which is available from the band’s website.  It is crushingly heavy, and song titles like ‘10000 µF‘ [try finding that character on your Mac keyboard!] give the tracks an anonymity that suggests that this band is all about the music.  Yes, they have a vocalist, but his voice is used more as an instrument, and it blends with the surging, powerful sound to whip up a foul-smelling, smoking, dark storm of anger.  With a larger line up than most bands and the use of non traditional instruments such as keyboards, BSoN achieve a unique sound.

This is a storming album, and demands your attention through the uncompromising heavy doom which, combined with the band’s professionalism makes me want to hear and see more!  Check ’em out on Bandcamp, this by the way is only a sampler of the LP, not the whole LP!! And visit their ultra-slick website here.


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