Up Your Jubilee! Bleak Reality from Nottingham

[For those of you not reading this in the UK, I should explain that this weekend sees Royalist fervour on a hitherto-unprecedented scale as the nation goes beserk in the rain over the longevity of our monarch, or something….]

Now, let me begin by saying that I’ve spent a very pleasant day at a very English village fete, perusing tombola stands, enjoying the slobbering jowls of a hastily arranged dog show, and of course a beer tent purveying some rather fine local ale. Now ensconced back home again, I thought I should share with you another discovery I have made today – the recently released demo EP by Nottingham, UK band Bleak Reality.

You can see this as well as I can, simply by turning your eyes to the Bandcamp widget below – but the band not only purvey a raw, fast, chunky brand of hardcore punk, but they have a member who is – how can I put this – unafraid to bare his buttocks to the camera, which instantly makes this the most punk demo for some time [Jerry of Poison Idea’s rather more brutal version of this tableau excepted of course].

Four slabs of well recorded, lively, energetic punk are what Bleak Reality want us to hear. Mixing fast sections and slow, ‘form a circle and mosh’ parts in the good ol’ Youth of Today tradition, this band hurtles through the maze of modern hardcore, crunchy guitar cutting through the thick drum slaps and the solid bass, while at the same time neatly avoiding the dreadful cliches such as screamy vocals, too much metal and excess speed. It brings a smile to my increasingly cynical old face, and that’s all I want right now.

It almost takes me back to the days of the glorious Selectadisc, which was ‘the’ record shop in the band’s home town of Nottingham, where I expensively acquired an import ‘Youth of Today’ t-shirt in 1988, along with a YOT lp which I am co-incidentally staring at on my desk as I type, my record collection having been today liberated from under the stairs. Top stuff!


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