Gurt Top, my Babber!

….As they say in Bristol.  But right now, forget all about that.  The news I am here to tell you about concerns a release that has impressed me considerably – but first, indulge me and let me tell you a story.  It’s [kind of] relevant.

Way back in the day, both DeHud and I were based in rural East Anglia, from where in true teenage tradition we were desperate to escape to the sunlit uplands of….well….anywhere more exciting than there, basically.  Gangly, punk and notably unlucky with the girls, our evening amusement generally involved going out to the nearest town, drinking some weak lager in a pub filled with trendy, wedge haircut wearing ‘smoothies’ as they were then known, becoming enraged that Howard Jones or Duran Duran were weakly broadcasting their anemic sub pop musical dirge from the pub jukebox, and then heading back to our respective homes – often in DeHud’s ageing, maroon Mini.

I mention this because, uniquely, his Mini had a cassette player – but not positioned where you would expect, nice and accessible on the dashboard, but rather bizzarely UNDER the driver’s seat.  This meant that every time he wanted to change tapes, it would involve a frustrating, complex and altogether dangerous manoeuvring which often led to him wandering out into the middle of the road while oncoming drivers watched bug-eyed with terror.  But it generally worked, and so our journeys were filled with tinny, compressed and in-every-way-upsetting-to-an-audiophile emissions of punk music – one or two times it would chew up the tape and go really fast, or just descend into a kind of quiet fuzz.  It raged!

Back to now, in the present day.  The above anecdote really just underlines the ‘oldness’ of the cassette medium – I remember the vast choice you had – from basic, ferrous tapes from Rumbelows right up to the fancy ‘Metal’ tapes that I only ever saw when a posh kid at school got a high end hi-fi for his birthday, and brought in a tape of some Rush album or other, on a METAL cassette.  He made sure everybody knew it was a METAL cassette as well, the smug cunt.

But issuing a new release on cassette?  I’ve only just got used to vinyl again!  It’s true, and according to Chris from Superhot Records, top UK stoner/sludge band GURT have just done it!

Says Chris: “Do you still drive a crappy old car that still has a tape player? Still got the same old NWA, Michael Jackson and Roxette tapes kicking around that are all stretched and warped? Well it’s time to update your collection with the first tape release on Superhot Records; The Gurt Collection.

Volume 1 on one side, Redwin on the other (both CD editions now sold out) and a some unreleased stuff to boot. Limited to 50 copies and pressed onto orange cassette tape, this is some of the heaviest, filthiest UK sludge around at the moment.”

It’s true, and you can get the release The Gurt Collection from the Superhot Records store here.  It is truly staggeringly heavy, and is great stuff, as we have come to expect from this band.

….and side 2 is also here:


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