Risk It! ‘Core and ‘Edge aus Dresden!

Regular readers will have seen how, when I feature a band on Rip It Up, I often then find other bands who are either playing in the same style, or on the same label, or from the same locale.  And so, in the web-like nature of the internet, I am able to follow a trail that leads me from one band to another.  This is the case with Risk It!, who hail from Dresden in Germany.  I found them because I have done a couple of features on bands playing in, and presumably adhering to, the Straightedge style recently.  War Charge, from Scotland, are an excellent example of this, and I have ended up also listening to ‘Who’s Foolin’ who?‘, the excellent new 11 track album from Risk It! on Farewell Records.

Risk It! leave the listener in no doubt about what they are going to get.  They are a full-on US influenced hardcore band, playing well produced, fiery and brief chunks of hardcore goodness.  Your reference points will be clear – anything from 7 Seconds, through Sick of It All, but in perhaps a more Southern Californian style than purely New Yoik headbanging, which is a good thing.  They have a thriving live following and indeed the scene in Dresden seems to be a strong one judging by the number of live dates they play and the attendances.

Photo is (c) Risk It!

Incidentally, if you stop by here often, you might be wondering based on the last few posts whether I have undergone some kind of Road to Damascus conversion to the cause of the ‘edge.  But no, I just want to make sure that Rip it Up covers all the points of interest in mine and DeHud’s worldview, and if you go right back to the late 80s, we were digging quality hardcore whether it was wearing an ‘X’ on its hand or not.

Sometimes that scene took itself too seriously, the wonderful antidote to that being the night we saw Crucial Youth play at the Duchess of York in Leeds in 1990.  I suspect that there were plenty in the audience that night who really believed that these tanned young lads in their freshly laundered hoodies really did believe that being ‘edge meant rewinding your video cassettes before taking them back to the shop!  But whatever one’s opinions are, this is stirring stuff and I enjoyed it immensely.

Released in April this album is available on CD, limited edition vinyl, or as a download, all available from from Bandcamp.  It’s refreshing to see some good, high energy hardcore from other countries, as well as a committed scene.  So Risk It and check them out! [there are only two tracks you can preview, even tho’ it’s a full 11 track album].

Photos used with thanks to Risk It!


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