Lighten up with The Dopamines!

After the descent into the depths of doom yesterday with my article on the excellent Made, and inspired also by DeHud’s excellent post on a miscellany of pop-punk tracks, I have decided to highlight another new release today, in the form of ‘Vices’ by  The Dopamines, to be released on 19th June on Orange, CA based It’s Alive Records.

The Cincinnati, Ohio based three-or-variably-four-piece have issued a cracking 10-track album in the style that we have become accustomed to – namely an upbeat, Lookout Records – style brand of melodic hardcore.  The album is previewing on It’s Alive’s Bandcamp site [see tracks below], and it seems like a good ‘un.  Bringing to mind a dose of Jawbreaker, early Green Day and a touch of Weasel, they have improved on their last outing, ‘Expect the Worst’ with a full sound, a thick bass line and clanging guitars.

“If Expect The Worst was the raging party last night, this record is the long, hard look in the mirror the morning after”

We’ll give this a fuller review when it’s released [or before if It’s Alive flow us one!] but it’s worth sticking it on the ‘to do’ list for June!


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