Break Even – Young at Heart

Hailing from one of the most isolated cities on earth, Perth, Australia based hardcore band Break Even offer us melodic hardcore in the tradition of old classic bands such as Dag Nasty, Uniform Choice, Unity, Born Against and the like.  They want us to know that they have a 12″ out on July 6th on  Midnight Funeral records.  A 7 tracker, this release showcases a vibrant and listenable brand of melodic, slightly DC-ish hardcore. 

The four-piece, featuring Mark Bawden (Vocals), Stephen Sciutto (Guitar), Perri Basille (Bass) and Simon Dreja (Drums), have been going since 2005, and proffer a message of optimism which is in contrast to the bleakness, aggression and nihilism that is present in a lot of releases in this genre today.

The band’s biog isn’t just the standard ‘four guys get drunk and play punk’ story, though.  In late 2008, then guitarist Rowan Willoughby took his own life.  This left the band shocked and, in musical terms, in limbo.  They have since returned to the studio and the stage and the result was a debut album, entitled ‘The Bright Side‘.  The latest release follows on with mid-paced, US influenced hardcore.  Drum slaps energise the chiming guitars, whilst the vocals remind me of Shawn Brown – era Dag Nasty – which is not a bad thing at all!

I’m really enjoying this release and if you consider yourself well read in late 80s hardcore of a melodic nature, then you could do a lot worse than check this out and buy it from their label, or from Bandcamp.


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