Accelerators: Netherlands Punk Rock

Back in the day, as it were, the Dutch ‘scene’ was always quite an active one, with classic bands such as B.G.K. making a name for the low country, whilst the increasingly DIY ethos that the Dutch applied to their squat scene and their general social liberalism filtered through to make a hardcore scene that all visiting UK, European and US bands would remark upon.  However by the early 90s, the Dutch music scene appeared to have become subsumed in Techno and its various offshoots, with all the high profile musical commentary being directed towards the dance scene.  So it’s refreshing to see that The Accelerators, from Rotterdam, are on the way to releasing a new LP later in the year.

I got the tip-off about the band via the Twitter feed from Andrea, the leader of Italian band The Manges, and checked them out.  Formed in 2003, The Accelerators have traded in a brand of high energy punk rock that makes bands like The Manges, Weasel, The Queers and others their natural peers.  The band, comprising Ox – Vocals, Bass, Marlon – Guitar, Vocals, Simon – Guitar, Vocals and Erik – Drums, released their eponymous debut album in 2009, giving the world 12 tracks of crackingly tuneful Ramones-y punk with short, direct songs that hit the mark due to their buzzsaw guitar, stacatto drums and joyful tuneage.

And, after a UK and European tour this summer, we will be treated to the sight of their second album, on Shield Recordings.  Entitled ‘Fuel for the Fire’, the album is another 12 tracker – featuring 11 new original tracks as well as a cover from Cheap Trick’s Southern Girls. The top notch cover art is by the Riccardo Bucchioni from La Spezia, Italy, hometown of The Manges.

Check out the video to preview the new album, and also make sure you get hold of the first one, whose Bandcamp widget I have included below for your background research!

Finally, if you do get a chance to catch the band live, here are the latest tour dates:

25-02-2012: London (UK) @ Underworld w/ Anti Nowhere League
26-02-2012: Brighton (UK) @ Prince Albert w/ Authorities
27-02-2012: Bristol (UK) @ The Croft w/ Dead To Me

29-02-2012: Mannheim (DE) The Mohawk

01-03-2012: Faenza (IT) Capolinea
03-03-2012: Fidenza (IT) @ Taun
04-03-2012: Bresso (IT) @ Blue Rose


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