Back to Poland, for the Battle of Wounded Knee!

Regular readers will know that it’s a few weeks since Rip It Up cast its eyes east towards Poland.  Last time we found Major Kong, Belzebong and others – playing stonery doom – who blew us away.  And it so happens that I’ve picked up on a demo ep by a Warsaw based band called Wounded Knee which I thought you should know about.

Proffering no-nonsense, in yer face hardcore, the band have produced a 4 track demo which ruffles your hairstyle with a hard-hitting, fiery rage that moves between slow, NYHC – style mosh parts and medium-paced, gruff bevocalled punk.  For a debut release it’s head and shoulders above a lot of the characters who seem to classify their bands as ‘hardcore’ these days.  My goodness! what an intemperate outburst!

The four tracks are all pretty much of a muchness in terms of playing  style, and there is no new ground being broken here.  I spoke briefly to Wiktor of Wounded Knee about their progress to date:

We’re quite new band so there is not much to write about us. We’re a 4 piece band from Warsaw, Poland, we have played one show and have recorded demo ep which we will release soon. Before WK we have played in bands like Dispel the crowd, Good Old Days, Core Ball and Set the fire. You can find them on myspace if you’re interested.”

They understand that there is nothing at all wrong with layering chunky splinters of hard – hitting, chugging guitar over a deep, tight bassline, cranking the whole thing up with sheets of crashing cymbals, thumping slaps of drumming and gruff vocals, and all of this might lead you to use bands like Sick of it All or mid period Agnostic Front as reference points, but from the time when they were hardcore bands as opposed to major label ‘metal’ acts.

Sometimes, events call for a cleansing dose of effervescent, powerful hardcore punk in order to remove blockages and ensure correct operation.  If you have experienced such an issue, then Wounded Knee would make a fine remedy.


2 comments on “Back to Poland, for the Battle of Wounded Knee!

  1. Ja Polska! Tight band. Definitely passed the make-me-want-to-break-stuff test by the second track ere it rates as quality punk/hc. The whole thing could have been ruined if the guitars started leaning on that octave fifth chord thing too much, but thankfully that was eschewed in favor of just some straight ahead olde style pummeling. They should do a split 7″ with Blasted. Perfect contrast in style while still reviving the tried and true fury of hardcore-prior to its mutating into the “Hardcore Metal” mainstream genre.

  2. Dave – a split ep with Blasted would be a great combination! I hope to hear from the band and find out more about them; if I do I’ll update this article. Paul.

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