Church of WHAT?

Yep, every now and then, a good old rude band name pops up and grabs your attention.  This happened last night whilst I was browsing on Bandcamp – and I found the delightfully named Church of Fuck record label.  Hailing from northern UK, they have recently released a 7-track ep by the band Let it Die from Manchester which, when I played it, unleashed a torrent of savagery and punk from the speakers on my Mac.  However there is a longer story here, as the CoF website explains:

“Featuring Ex members of Jealous and Sworn In, Let It Die are the musical equivalent of Satan Shooting his load over an HM2 whilst getting his balls licked by a speed freak. Devastatingly signed to Southern Lord for a week before unfortunately receiving word they had over committed themselves and didn’t want to dick them around. So do the job they were unable to complete and tell the world about this band!
Let It Die are fucking awesome.”

With tracks lasting from half a minute up to a more regular 3 and a half minutes, Let it Die purvey some of the angriest, fastest, metallic hardcore punk I have heard in a long time.  Kind of a bastard cross between Extreme Noise Terror and the outright heaviness of Winter, with a thick helping of angry Poison Idea slopped over the top, these guys crank up a storm of rage wherein guitars howl with a slightly downtuned approach, whilst the vocals convey tortured experiences and the whole thing is held together with thick, hard-hitting drum slaps.  I was left battered and bruised after experiencing this, and I think it only fair that you should feel the same too.  Check it out below, and via the CoF BigCartel site.!


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