Hold Tight / Tight Hold: 2 Bands for the Price of One!

I happened upon a cracking release recently by Richmond, Virginia based band Hold Tight – an outfit with quite a few releases under their collective belts who play a melodic hardcore.  A four-piece comprising James Goodson, Jake Guralnik, Eric Kelly and Alex Wilhelm, the band actually operates under two different versions of the name playing two distinct styles.  Note book at the ready, Hold Tight plays the more melodic, mid-paced stuff, whereas when they play as Tight Hold, the sound is much more hectic and energetic.

Let’s deal with Hold Tight first – check out their six-track 7″ ‘Boundaries‘ which was released early in 2012.  This really rocks and reminds me of a mixture of Dag Nasty and the UK’s Snuff with a bit of melodic stuff like The Bronx and even the magnificent The Steal thrown into the mix [ironically The Steal were also from Richmond, but the Richmond in London, England…..sorry for rambling!].  Crashing guitar chords compete with shouted choruses and marvelous vocal harmonies to create a really kick – ass offering.

Ok, I’m not finished yet.  Time to move on to Tight Hold, which is the variant of the band that has released a storming split ep on I Hate Punk Rock records, split with Direct Hit!  This ep pops out on collectable clear/red or white vinyl and offers 11 tracks by this band.  The music is quite a variation in style; sometimes more pensive and melodic introductions appear, giving way to straight ahead hardcore with a chunkier, rawer edge that brings to mind a more straightedge sound, with most songs clocking in at less than the magic minute, offering OFF! style brevity.

Footnote – DIRECT HIT are much gruffer and harsher, and are also worthy of checking out here!

Check both bands out and buy their stuff at a name your price bargain!


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