The Wallrides

Great song & fun video for The Wallrides – “Fucked Up Life”

Editor’s footnote: Top post from DeHud – I love this!!! And you should too! Check it out in full here!  It’s almost criminally punk – and there is a free digital download as well….and they describe themselves as:

“We are four fucked up guys who loves skateboard and getting into trouble with just about everything. We also play fast music sometimes!”

I get the feeling this may be the new Screeching Weasel!


12 comments on “The Wallrides

  1. Three words: Best featured band yet.
    Ok, I know it was four but The Wallrides are so punk they invoked some of my mid eighties acid damage.

  2. Thanks Dave. Imagine a split EP with The Wallrides and Blasted! Now that would be a record so dangerous that you would have to wear thick leather gloves to handle it, such would be the punk quotient!

  3. Totally.The Wallrides should just tour with Blasted and give everyone a lesson in raw punk fury. For serious, America needs it. Kids here nowadays listen to screamo. Yick.

  4. Well, Dave, as Rip It Up’s American ambassador, your mission is to spread this word!! You know it makes sense!!

  5. I can’t promise you that, as ambassador, I won’t thoroughly embarrass Rip It Up by releasing hundreds of live hermit crabs at any high level functionary gatherings I may attend.
    On the bright side, think of the publicity: Man Sparks Crab Terror in Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Admits To Being Sleeper Cell For UK Webzine Conspiracy.

  6. Dave – Hope the flashback wasn’t too intense! Crab Terror?!! Love their last LP!
    Never fear – as our ambassador, you will be granted full diplomatic immunity, so will be free to roam naked around your workplace dispensing complimentary monogrammed lavender towellettes.

  7. i just can’t stop watching this!!! – his jump off the drums at 1:07 is the best thing ever!!

  8. We actually have some recorded songs that arent realesed yet, so if Blasted are up for it we would gladely use those songs to a split Ep (they can contact me on And a big thanks for all the kind words it means alot, it is lovely to hear that we can bring some of that 80´s hardcore sound back. / The Drummer in Wallrides

  9. Hi Jonathan, thanks for the comment. We’re loving The Wallrides’ stuff here at rip it up, so keep usup to date with what you do!
    regards, Paul.

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