The Jetty Boys: Kings of the Split 7″

Well, the temperature is finally rising off the bottom of the thermometer, the sun keeps threatening to come out from behind the clouds, and I’m imagining the possibility, however remote, that I might be able to wear shorts at some point this summer….so I’ve picked some uptempo, good mood music to help the day along.  It comes to you courtesy of The Jetty Boys, a mega tuneful pop punk outfit hailing from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Formed in 2007 and comprising the talents of Drew – Guitar/Vocals, Eric – Bass/Vocals and Bunnz – Drums/Vocals, The Jetty Boys have a fair old back catalogue of releases, mainly split eps and a debut album, the 13-track ‘Sheboygan’ released in 2009.

By late 2007 the Jetty Boys recorded their first demo which ended up being their first official release (Rally! 2008).  Since then the Jetty Boys have gone on to play over 300 shows.  This admirable work ethic has translated into their music, with a clean, tight sound and a whole gang of tunes waiting to cuff you around the head.  Their latest outing on Merman Records is a split with Dan Vapid and the Cheats [now apparently performing Riverdales songs as well] – a release which showcases The Jetty Boys’ catchy, Green Day-esque punk sound nicely.  The sound bounces along with a Lookout! records kinda feel about it, solid fuzzed out guitars and chanted choruses all round.

If the sun should show itself this year, then this is the kind of record that makes me want to pull on my Vans, crack open a can of Punk IPA, and relax as the sun burns my forehead.


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